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December 5, 2013

Q: How is Battle Rating calculated?

n  Total Battle Rating is calculated using character, skill, and sidekick Battle Ratings.

Q: How can Battle Rating be increased?

n  Battle Rating can be increased by upgrading character, equipment, gems and carving level, as well as by improving astrals and Bladesoul.

Q: How can the Battle Rating of skills be increased?

n  Upgrading character skill level will increase the Battle Rating of skills. Skill Points must be consumed to upgrade skills with skill level not exceeding current character level.

Q: How can sidekick Battle Rating be increased?

n  Upgrade equipment and skills to recruit stronger sidekicks. Astrals can also be used to increase sidekick Battle Rating. Sidekicks share the same Skill Point system as the main character.

Q: Where can I earn Gold?

n  Gold can be earned by joining Hot Events, the Treasure Hunt, clearing dungeons, and Alchemy to name just a few.

Q: How can I level up my character?

n  Clearing dungeons is the main way to gain experience; the higher the dungeon difficulty, the greater the amount of experience to be gained.

Q: How can I get Skill Points?

n  Skill Points can be gained by completing dungeons and through various events.

Q: How can Honor be increased?

n  Honor can be increased via the Arena, Hot Events, and Money for Honor.

Q: What are the dungeon difficulties?

n  Dungeons are divided into 3 difficulties: Normal, Hero, and Nightmare. The higher the dungeon difficulty the greater skill it will require to complete; however, the greater the rewards there will be. Forming a party is recommended for Nightmare dungeons.

Q: How do I socket gems?

n  Gems must be socketed level by level. For example, a level 2 gem can only be socketed into a piece of equipment which has socketed a level 1 gem of the same kind previously. The same goes for all higher level gems as well.

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