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​ EXP Quests

December 31, 2013

Click the EXP Quests  to open the EXP Quests panel, located at the top right of your screen. 

Players can use this system to gain extra EXP (levels up character and sidekicks) and quests can all be done simultaneously. There are 5 different grades of EXP Quest: white, green, blue, purple and golden. Gold is the highest and gives the most EXP. EXP Quests will refresh after the countdown timer finishes. Refreshing a quest will change its grade. Players can refresh all quests for free twice a day. Further refresh attempts after this cost 10 Diamonds.

Players can spend 40 Diamonds to blitz (complete it immediately) a quest after accepting it. Alternatively players can spend 400 Diamonds to blitz all remaining quests at once and gain massive amounts of EXP.