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​ Classes

December 5, 2013

Knight – A master of the sword, the Elf knight was born and raised in the ways of the forest. He is the ultimate killing machine with the charm and grace of a noble. His unique appearance has made him a proud creature, but that won’t stop him from taking down his enemies with a swift twist of the blade.

Rogue – A master of the night, he is known for his bloodthirsty double-edged swords. With a passion for the art of killing this rogue is one to be feared. His deadly skills are unmatched by any other nightwalker and makes for a deadly force on the battlefield.

Valkyrie – One of the few remaining Valkyrie, she is a master of illusion and is thought to have strong ties to Thor whence her magic powers come from. Her alluring beauty masks the warrior’s heart beneath and has cost many a foe to realize too late the end was neigh.

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