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​ Class Skills

December 31, 2013

Knight – An elf prince longing for greatness, he will settle for nothing less than extraordinary. This master of might and magic strikes enemies with powerful sword attacks.

  • Lunar Justice – Unleashes a combo of uppercut slashes that knocks enemies airborne. 
  • Bladestorm – Knocks enemies airborne then cuts 'em up with a storm of blades.
  • Frost Assault – Unleashes a forward facing wave of blades that damages all in its path.
  • Shadow Pursuit – Creates mirror images of you to cut down enemies and renders player temporarily invincible.

Rogue – A disgraced assassin with blood on his hands, he seeks redemption for his past. This night owl swiftly cuts down enemies with his double daggers.

  • Cyclone Hit – Knock enemies airborne with a flurry of blades.
  • Shadow Storm – Turn into whirling death and mow down all in front of you.
  • Fatal Ambush – Gain invincibility for 2 secs then unleash a burst of energy.
  • Tornado Slicer – Summons blades to slice your enemies into bits.

Valkyrie – A disillusioned princess, she forsook riches and a kingdom in favor of forging her own destiny. This beautiful heroine uses a lance and pistol combination against her foes.

  • Withering Kiss – A combo attack that knocks enemies airborne.
  • Thunder Field – Drive your lance into the ground to create a shockwave that continually hits enemies caught within it.
  • Tornado Whip – Spin around and charge forward like a tornado.
  • Aurora Burst – Covers you with a deadly energy field.