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​ Basic Operations

December 5, 2013

Mouse – Click the ground to move your character to that location.
Keyboard – The W A S D keys may also be used to move your character in the desired direction.

Talking to NPCs – Click on an NPC or the NPC’s name in the quest panel to speak to him/her. Character must be close enough to the NPC to speak to him/her.

Using Items – Left click on an item in the inventory to open up a list of options or double-click an item to use it immediately.

Chat– Input words into the chat box and press Enters to start chatting with other players. Select different channels to filter what you see and who you speak to. Players may select PM to send a private message to someone else.

Party – Click on another character and select Party to join or create a party with that character.

Dungeons/Battles –
The keyboard buttons J L U I H all summon special skills; use them while in battle to destroy opponents. Damage caused is displayed via the numbers. If you wish to change the skill keyboard buttons, simply open the Config panel.